About Us

Snoeck Publishers was founded in 1989. Most of our publications focus on art and culture in a broad sense: the visual arts, archaeology, applied art, architecture and design, film and photography, art history and ethnography, heritage etc.

Originally owned by the graphics company Snoeck-Ducaju en Zoon, Snoeck Publishers has been completely independent since 2004.

Snoeck publishes about sixty books per year, mainly in partnership with museums and clients, most of which are in Belgium and France.

Many of these books are available in several languages.

A passion for art, culture, history and heritage

Snoeck is a publisher with a passion for art and publishing beautiful books.

The quality of the text and images and marked attention to design are key to all its publications. In the world of Belgian and French museums, Snoeck Publishers is considered a benchmark for superior museum publications.

An international publisher

Snoeck Publishers has its roots in Ghent, and its headquarters are still there today. However it is also active in a variety. Snoeck is particularly active in France, with an employee and office there, but it also has a presence in other European countries either directly or through partners.

Partner of museums in Belgium and abroad

Prominent museums all over the world put their trust in Snoeck: Louvre Abu Dhabi, Louvre Lens, Fondation de l’Hermitage (Lausanne), Bonnefanten (Maastricht), MAMAC (Nice), MAMC (Saint-Etienne), MBA Rouen, MBA Rennes, MBA Lyon, Musée Guimet (Paris), KMSK Brussels, MSK Ghent, BAM Mons, Château de Versailles, etc.

Decades of experience with large, complex projects

Snoeck Publishers has taken on the publication and coordination of multilingual catalogues for many prestigious exhibitions. Thanks to years of experience with the different steps in the production process and an extensive network of specialised freelance staff able to step in at short notice, Snoeck Publishers always brings these projects to a successful conclusion.

A passionate team

Snoeck Publishers has a small team of its own staff with many years of experience in the field of publishing. For editing, final editing and translation, it relies on experienced freelance staff.

The permanent team consists of:

  • Philip Van Bost: general manager
  • Gunther De Wit: publisher for Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Bernard Van Bost: administration and image rights.

Exhibition catalogues

Historically, Snoeck Publishers was a publisher of exhibition catalogues and was one of the first publishers, at least in Belgium and France, to commit fully to prestigious exhibition catalogues with academic essays, well-substantiated catalogue notes and countless high-quality illustrations.

Snoeck Publishers is still an important player in this field today, enjoying international respect.

Collection catalogues

Snoeck Publishers is considered a museum publisher, not entirely without reason, since the publisher has indeed produced many collection and exhibition catalogues. The collection catalogues or collection books sometimes aim for comprehensiveness and sometimes for a selection of highlights aimed at the public. In other cases, the decision is made to tell certain ‘stories’ about the collection.

Focus on contemporary design

Snoeck Publishers works exclusively with external designers (freelancers) who have extensive experience in the specialist subjects that characterise its portfolio. These designers have particular aesthetic/artistic talents as well as technical skills.

High-quality reproduction techniques

Outstanding image and colour quality have been among Snoeck Publishers’ greatest strengths for many years. Extensive attention is paid to the reproduction process.

Reliable partners for printing and distribution

Snoeck Publishers, which was once part of Snoeck-Ducaju en Zoon Printing and Publishing, has extensive knowledge of the various aspects of the printing process and the possibilities it offers.

For the distribution of its publications, Snoeck works with specialised distributors in Belgium and abroad: Exhibitions International (Herent) for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, Sofédis for France and other French-speaking countries, and ACC UK & US for English-speaking countries.

Philip Van Bost, director of Snoeck Publishers

After years of experience in the world of trade fairs and magazines, Philip Van Bost took over Snoeck Publishers in 2011. He supervises the publishers with their various projects and is responsible for production and distribution.

Gunther De Wit, publisher for Belgium & the Netherlands

Gunther De Wit is a Germanist and graduated in Cultural Studies, and has since 2008 worked at Passa Porta, Ludion, Kunstenpunt, BOZAR, ASP Editions and as a freelance editor for numerous major projects. With a heart for art (especially modern and contemporary), literature and culture in the broadest sense of the word, he operates from his hometown of Brussels as a publisher for Belgium and the Netherlands.