Paul Delvaux. The Man who Loved Trains.

Paul Delvaux. The Man who Loved Trains.


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Recognised as the painter of women and skeletons, Delvaux added another string to his bow by also becoming the painter of trains and stations. Fascinated by the great metal monsters of his childhood, spitting fire and hissing steam, Delvaux strove to reproduce these mysterious locomotives in all their detail. This book conjures up that journey through a number of stunning, illustrated comparisons, which also draw on photographs and drawings to reveal the man’s passion for the world of the railwaymen. This book offers an uncharted exploration to the heart of his moonlit railway works. The destination of Delvaux’s trains is in the gift of those who behold them. Each work is an invitation to escape to dreamlike regions, where one train may hide another. Camille Brasseur is the scientific director of collections at the Paul Delvaux Foundation and has been committed to promoting the artist’s work since 2018. As an art historian, she began her research dedicated to Belgian art at the Centre de Recherche Cobra of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2003–2007), before continuing at Beaux-Arts Mons (2008–2013) and at the Maurice Verbaet Art Center in Antwerp (2013–2017). As a curator, she has published several works dedicated to the Belgian art of the post-war period, including books on Vandercam, Mortier, and Guiette.

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Camille Brasseur


21 x 26 cm

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October 2019










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